Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Open Letter to Motorola And VerizonWireless

Dear @Motorola & @VerizonWireless,

Your choices of 4G phones with a pull-out keyboard needs a makeover. You seem to be concentrating on thin, but us OLDER people just don't have the dexterity to deal with something that thin and smooth. The RAZR lacks a pull-out keyboard, an onscreen keyboard is just not gonna do it for me. Oh, but there's the Droid 4 you say. It has that nice pull-out 5 row keyboard. But it shares one show-stopper with the RAZR - the non-removable battery. BAD BAD BAD. If I have to take my phone back to Verizon every week to have it fixed because the ONLY solution is to remove the battery, well, that isn't an option. I was at my local Verizon store last week when a young lady came in with her broken Droid 4, she removed the battery and broke the pins.

Did I mention you're way behind with deploying ICS? Yes, I know it's in the works, but Samsung has beaten you to the punch by a country mile.

My upgrade is coming up this month, I've put my faith in Motorola for the past decade, but I may be looking elsewhere this time.

John Crawford

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