Thursday, September 4, 2008

In The Market For A '72 Pinto?

Isn't this election over yet? Seems like we've been going full-tilt since George Bush stole the 2000 election. And the craziness grows with every featured report CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. I think someone's trying to sell us a '72 Pinto, I'll expand on that in a minute.

I'm a fairly simple person, non-political, conservative by most peoples standards. I have always reserved my political opinions, and have never told anyone who I've voted for in the past. I think this year will be different. I'm past all the caring if my parents, relatives, in-laws, or friends know, or how they feel about it. I am not one of those people who allows the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, or Fred Thompson to influence my vote.

For the first time since I was old enough to vote, I find that I've made my decision long before I'm waiting outside the voting booth. Even the 2004 election, I'll struggled up to the last minute about whether to vote for Big W, while knowing full well the Democrats had failed to put up any kind of opponent.

For the record, I'm a registered Independent. I firmly believe in evaluating the candidates and the issues, ignoring party lines. What are they anyhow? I find them to be bother-some boundaries that divide people based on ignorance. I haven't been able to wrap my head around the thought of blindly voting along party lines - it's like a moth to a light. What ever happened to people voting according to their conscience?

That probably sounds harsh, but in case you haven't noticed this country has has a ton of problems, not to mention we're spending $10 Billion a month in Iraq. Granted it's not gonna all be fixed in the next four years, but it will not get any better with John McCain. He's just more of the failed administration we have now.

Yes, you knew I was gonna say that.How can he not be more of the same? Did he mis-speak when he said he would keep troops in Iraq for 100 years if necessary? Let me make it clear I'm not one of the 28% who actually approve of the U.S. being in Iraq. But, this is not 1972. Disagreeing with the Bush administrations decision to invade Iraq doesn't mean I won't give my fullest support to the men and women who have been asked to put their lives on the line to comply that decision. Hence, elections are just one way to overturn such bad decisions.

As for Ms. Palin, I personally think she'd make a wonderful president. The sexist card everyone is dancing around on TV is off-the-scale stupid. I told my friends and people I work with back when Hillary was still a possibility, that when we decide to elect a non-white male to the Oval Office, every bigoted opinion is going to surface. We have a long way to go as a nation with regards to race and gender. While the political hot shots think it would be kool to play one or both of those cards, I doubt seriously America is ready for the realities of a non-white, non-male president. The bigotry is just beginning...

In fact, if Sarah Palin was running for president, the election would be a toss-up. I like her, I wish her and Obama were on the same ticket, but one of them will be unemployed on January 20, 2009. For shame too. I think it's so unfair what they are saying about her family. In today's America, they're a normal family. Moms having babies in their forties, having to deal with the realities of raising a handicap child, and teenage pregnancy; All sounds like middle America to me.

I mean, what is normal now? What is normal for the presidency? Was Bill Clinton shagging a White House intern normal? Was the 2000 election normal? Since 1983, we've had a steady increase in overseas military campaigns, beginning with Beirut and Grenada, then Panama, then Iraq, and the lists grows quickly from there. Is that normal? I think not, and this election will launch a new era to break out of it.

The John McCain Experience

Let me sum up my opinion of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Electing John McCain would be like buying a '72 Pinto. Sarah Palin is the really kool, limited-edition set of Ginsu knives you get when you buy the Pinto. They cut through the toughest beef, bones, metal, and your old muffler, and never go dull. They're worth more than the car, and you'll probably get more use out of them. They'll be around long after the Pinto has gone to Pinto heaven and salvaged for parts. You can't buy the knife set by itself, it just wasn't that kind've deal. I'm saving my money for the next election to buy that kool, limited-edition set of Ginsu knives by itself.

John Crawford

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