Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please Don't Send Hillary

Americans are rejoicing in the news of the American reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling being freed from a North Korean prison. It was certainly good news, and even the most optimistic among us could not have seen it coming. As I watched the story unfold yesterday with my co-workers, we were brainstorming as to why the North Korean government would let them go after such a stink they made about making them pay for their crimes, however far fetched we knew the charges were.

What we came up with was pretty simple. Bill probably told them very politely that since he was a former President of the United States, and if they did anything to him, that the U.S. probably had enough firepower aimed at North Korean to make it uninhabitable for centuries. But more than that he put the fear of God into them. He probably told them that "if you do not cooperate with me, the U.S. will send Hillary here to negotiate. And fellows, having been married to her for many years, I strongly recommend you let these Americans go while you have a chance to get a word in."

Then we were discussing if Bill Clinton got paid to go there. Then it was revealed that two female escorts interns went with him on the trip. That was payment enough. What else can we say about that, close but no cigar?

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