Sunday, December 6, 2009

Emotional Affairs???

I read this article on MSN, and wanted to comment.

Emotional Affairs 101

I think this lady is full of hot air. For a Psychiatrist, she did not give allot of facts or medically grounded advice. The article is completely opinionated. The writer assumes that all relationships can be perfect and harmonious. She is delusional. She believes emotional affairs are friendships that involve more than being friends, but no sex. I have news for this lady, that all depends on your definition of sex. For instance, Bill Clinton's definition of sex, we all know what that is.

It all boils down to what a marriage can handle, and what rules both partners are willing to agree on. The writer is very assuming that the slightest transgression, by her definition, is grounds for divorce and oh such an ugly betrayal of trust. It all depends where you draw the line between right and wrong.

Lighten up missy. If relationships are that fragile, then why are these people married to start with? The fact is, some people need these "emotional affairs" to keep it all together, or else they might REALLY cheat. These emotional affairs give them something they can't and won't ever get at home. No psycho-babble of marital counseling is going to get it there.

I can speak from experience, which is something the writer did not. Having gone down that road and dealt with the consequences, I can proudly say that my wife and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage next month. Was it easy? No, How many times did it almost come apart at the seams? More times than I can remember. But it has survived because neither of us is naive enough to think nothing could ever happen. Love, forgiveness, and sense of humor go a long way to keeping a marriage, or any relationship together.

John Crawford

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