Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Redskins, Cold Weather, Star Trek, and Depression

When I was growing up, I was very active in sports. Very rarely were my brother and I not out playing something appropriate to the season. We played football in the snow and ice, and I can distinctly remember a few times when my hands were so numb for the cold I thought they would fall off. On the first warm day in the winter we were throwing the baseball around. We would play pickup games until it got to dark to see. We always had the basketball hoop over the garage door, and we cold play at the local school and church that had outside lights. And when we needed some variety we played badminton, tennis, wiffle ball, and soccer, to name a few.

Of course I followed professional sports, and was a big Baltimore Colts fan back in the day, and remain a long standing Orioles fan. For whatever reasons which I cannot explain, the Washington Redskins were never on the radar for me although they were no less local that the Colts.

As I grew older and moved away from home, I lost my sense of following sports soon after I got married. Priorities change, I think most can identify with that. In the last few years, I have felt the sports interests stir again. But it's more of seeing the Redskins lose. The Orioles haven't had a winning season since 1997, but I'm holding out for them to break out of the Cleveland Indians spell in the movie "Major League".

Back to the Redskins. It's both fun and annoying to listen to the whiners and complainers at work on Monday morning, and sometimes the whole week. And lets not forget this area of Maryland/DC/Virginia, being a migratory region for military and government workers and families, has as many football fans that root for someone other than the Redskins.

So the Redskins are having a dismal season. So badly the sports commentators are getting in on the jabs. "Embarrassing" I believe was one comment:

Washington Post
USA Today
Fox Sports

I am not able to find the reference, but I believe one sportscaster referred to the Redskins performance as "embarrassing for television". There's an easy solution for that, stop televising their games. Maybe the local stations will use that air time for some entertainment I might enjoy, three of episodes of Star Trek or Stargate should cover a 3 hour clock allocated for a game.

As an off-shoot, it's good the Redskins are playing in San Diego today. The weather here in the DC area is frigid, temperatures were in the single digits last night with 20-30 mph winds. It's not going to be much better today with low 30's and wind. With the Chargers record at 12-3, it's unlikely the Redskins will end the season on a winning note.

The cold weather and short days depresses me. No, I'm not depressed about the Redskins, in fact it's the one a few things I'm able to chuckle about. Two weeks ago we got a blizzard, something close to 18 inches of snow. That was bad enough. Then it warmed up, rained, and all melted on Christmas day.

By the way, why does it seem the more channels we are offered, the worse content we get. What do I mean? What ever happened to good, fun, all-day marathons on holidays? I mean, what I wouldn't do for a good, old-fashioned Star Trek marathon even on a holiday. We get James Bond, horror movies, Twilight Zone, and the same movies I don't want to watch again. The weekend wasn't all bad, there was a Buffy marathon on yesterday on LOGO, but I don't usually watch that channel and I don't care for their PG/R rated commercials they show even during the day. On the plus side, there are the routine NCIS marathons on USA.


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