Saturday, January 1, 2011

Classic Rants

How many times have you been out shopping, or at the gas station, and saw something that was really stupid? Or driving and saw another driver doing something stupid? Well I frequently rant about such things, but always forget when I get into my blog. So here's a few things that I find stupid, irritate me, or I simply don't understand why it is.

At the gas station, why do people get back in the vehicle while fueling? There's a big sign at every gas station that says DO NOT REENTER THE VEHICLE DURING REFUELING. The same for using a cell phone, even with blue-tooth while anywhere near a gas station. Haven't you seen those clips on TV of static explosions at the gas pump? Stupid, absolutely STUPID.

Something else that escapes my reasoning is why drivers have to be so aggressive. I take a back way to work in the mornings, usually it's still dark. Almost every morning, someone passes me like they are on their way to an emergency. Then there's those drivers who cannot wait their turn or wait in line for a light. They will cut across a parking lot, or gas station lot to the other side to skip ahead. I see it every morning in Clinton, MD at every light and intersection I go through.

OK, more rants to follow later.

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