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Comments on "Sarah Palin's Alaska": Hour-long campaign ad

Source article "Sarah Palin's Alaska": Hour-long campaign ad

I could not disagree more. Far be it for me to defend Sarah Palin, but I liked the show. In fact, I tend to loathe reality shows altogether. But this one is different. Imagine if you invited the cameras into your house to see everything, unrehearsed. I know I couldn't do it, not that anyone would be interested. But few of us could endure something so invasive.

I admit that when John McCain announced her as his running mate in the 2008 election, I was optimistic that she could change some thing in Washington. Maybe because she is a woman, maybe because she WAS an unknown and would not tolerate the in-fighting among the parties. Then she spoke, and that beautiful face and nice curves all fell to the floor. She would go on the be the mouth piece of the Republican Party, and in the interim cause the McCain ticket to lose to Barack Obama. That is, IMHO!

Let's fast forward to November 14th, 2010. The setting is rural Alaska. A "trying to be" normal family heads out on a fishing trip. Along the way they see some grizzly bears. the next day they do some hiking. They have this new neighbor whom they believe is just there to spy on them. Gossip gossip gossip at the fence line. Sounds fairly normal to me. No one says anything about Gene Simmons promoting himself in his reality show, Family Jewels.

On many levels you have to appreciate the pureness of their family. Maybe the naysayers are jealous because they are not as dysfunctional as they'd like them to be. Till' now most of what we know about their family centered around the eldest daughter (Bristol), her estranged boyfriend, and their child. The press had fun with that one.

Now we get to see "Mrs. Palin", wife and mother. She's the family voice, and probably has ADHD. We get to see "Mr. Palin", Todd, husband and father. We've always seen him as the quiet supportive half we never hear from. Seems he hold true to that as a very soft spoken, but strong mate. She even comments about that in the first episode.

Let's also not forget their youngest child is handicapped. I know from first hand experience that no matter how much money you have or who you are, raising them is no easy task. No matter what you do, just about every major family decision has that invisible umbilical cord attached to it. As a parent, my hat is off to her.

So, if people want to make political conjecture out of the show, well they don't have to watch it.

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